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Customer service

  • Assess current customer service program on 8 criteria.
  • Design an excellence in customer service program
  • Deliver customer service systems that produce measurable results

Service recovery

  • Reduce risks and claims associated with upset customers
  • Restore trust and confidence
  • Learn skills needed to respond to complaints

Sales and marketing

  • Fill units in a competitive market
  • Develop a focused and well trained sales force
  • Turn your sales managers into sales coaches

Quality improvement

  • Apply the principles of the Baldrige model to your company.
  • Turn around facilities with poor reputations and regulatory sanctions
  • Assist in being recognized as a Baldrige award winner.

Employee retention

  • Energize staff with mission driven goals
  • Understand what it takes to attract top-notch employees
  • Retain quality employees and reduce turnover



Service recovery

Customer complaints often originate with front line staff.  How can you provide staff with both the attitudes and skills needed to respond appropriately to complaints?  What is a simple formula for staff to use when faced with an unsatisfied customer?  How can staff evaluate whether their responses were proper?  What kind of information should be shared with staff?  How can customer service logs help improve service?

Customers often have different motivations for complaining. Understanding the differences can be critical.  How do you sort out the high-risk (high cost) complaint and take prompt action?  What are the eight techniques in responding to the really angry customer?  How do you evaluate your risks for litigation and take steps to reduce those risks?  Knowing how to respond to unsatisfied customers is important.  Knowing how to prevent complaints is more important.  What are examples of facility-wide customer service policies?  What is the process for getting departments to establish department customer service standards?

Customer service requires a team approach.  Unintentional actions or words from one department can erase good customer service from another department.  How do communication, employee morale, and leadership affect customer service?  How can you use customer service to build census? How can you use customer service to attract quality employees?  How can families, community groups and volunteers contribute to customer service?

If you don't have the answers, we do!  Contact Ron Retzke at Retzke & Associates, Inc.

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