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Workshops approved for CEUs

Managing Service Recovery
Excellence in Customer Service
Customer service and service recovery workshops
Focused Facility Review
Complaints and More Complaints
Cool Customer Relations
Customer Service Friendly - Getting Ahead of Complaints
Get out of the Ruts
Sales and marketing workshops
Getting Healthcare Marketing on Track ... Asking the Right Questions.
Sales Call or Well-paid "tourists"
The A, B, C's of Marketing
Putting the Mystery Back into Marketing
Turning Community Events into Sales Leads
Quality improvement workshops
Communications that Win Over Families
Understanding the Quality Movement and Baldrige
Quality: Understanding it, Doing it, Being Recognized
Quality: Taking it Up a Step
Employee training and retention workshops
Taking the Mystery Out of Reducing Turnover
Winning Plays for the Team
Nonprofit Governance
Getting Board Members Involved in Fund Raising
Orientation Express


Workshops approved for CEUs

Managing Service Recovery (Workshop approved for 6 CEUs)

  • Highly interactive and participative
  • Uses real life case examples and scenarios
  • Gets participants to think differently, then act differently
  • Practice the skills while at the workshop
  • Discuss facility issues as a team and create plans while at the workshop.
  • Follow up strategy for regional management.

Many times, when there is a service failure, the manner in which it is handled by the facility staff compounds the problem. The results are predictable. The customer (resident or family members) becomes more upset, loses confidence in the facility and escalates the response. The outcome is a more irate customer, negative word of mouth in the community, a call to the state, or even a call to an attorney.

This session, based on research and real life experiences, uses humor, case studies, and interactive exercises to cover the basis for customer satisfaction (and dissatisfaction), techniques on how to respond to upset customers, and the steps for service recovery. Teams from a facility will leave as a stronger team, with a new perspective on customers, and with a concrete plan of action to implement.

Excellence in Customer Service (Workshop approved for 6 CEUs)

  • Teams rate the facility on eight (8) sign posts of excellence.
  • Highly interactive and participative
  • Review additional real life case examples and scenarios.
  • Discuss facility issues as a team and create an overall plan.
  • Follow up strategy for regional management.

Everybody wants to provide good customer service. Everyone speaks about teamwork in serving the customer. Everyone claims that they are driven by customer needs. But are they? There is a difference between excellence in service and customer loyalty and what typically passes for customer service. Is your facility on the path to excellence in customer service?

This session is based on the principles covered in the Managing Service Recovery workshop. It uses examples and illustrations to allow teams to assess their progress and create plans on eight critical dimensions of excellence in service. The session culminates with each team presenting its assessment and plan to the group and applying its plan to a number of case studies.

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