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All workshops can be tailored to your time frame, goals, and budget.

Workshops approved for CEUs

Managing Service Recovery
Excellence in Customer Service
Customer service and service recovery workshops
Focused Facility Review
Complaints and More Complaints
Cool Customer Relations
Customer Service Friendly - Getting Ahead of Complaints
Get out of the Ruts
Sales and marketing workshops
Getting Healthcare Marketing on Track ... Asking the Right Questions.
Sales Call or Well-paid "tourists"
The A, B, C's of Marketing
Putting the Mystery Back into Marketing
Turning Community Events into Sales Leads
Quality improvement workshops
Communications that Win Over Families
Understanding the Quality Movement and Baldrige
Quality: Understanding it, Doing it, Being Recognized
Quality: Taking it Up a Step
Employee training and retention workshops
Taking the Mystery Out of Reducing Turnover
Winning Plays for the Team
Nonprofit Governance
Getting Board Members Involved in Fund Raising
Orientation Express


Employee training and retention workshops

Taking the Mystery Out of Reducing Turnover
Retention has to be a priority of management; otherwise the facility becomes a revolving door. This workshop gets participants to explore practices at their facility that might be contributing to turnover and covers the 12 principles, based on research, which should be the basis for a retention program.

Winning Plays for the Team
This workshop explores the differences between management and leadership, why they both are important. Participants will assess their own leadership style and the implications for team building. Specific practices such as discipline and performance appraisals are examined n light of these styles.

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