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Customer service

  • Assess current customer service program on 8 criteria.
  • Design an excellence in customer service program
  • Deliver customer service systems that produce measurable results

Service recovery

  • Reduce risks and claims associated with upset customers
  • Restore trust and confidence
  • Learn skills needed to respond to complaints

Sales and marketing

  • Fill units in a competitive market
  • Develop a focused and well trained sales force
  • Turn your sales managers into sales coaches

Quality improvement

  • Apply the principles of the Baldrige model to your company.
  • Turn around facilities with poor reputations and regulatory sanctions
  • Assist in being recognized as a Baldrige award winner.

Employee retention

  • Energize staff with mission driven goals
  • Understand what it takes to attract top-notch employees
  • Retain quality employees and reduce turnover



Employee retention

The single largest complaint category in long term care residences is staffing - a combination of not enough staff, poorly trained staff, staff turnover, or staff lacking hospitality skills.  Long-term care facilities provide a personal service that relies on well-trained and motivated employees.  Will you be able to meet this challenge?

Does the facility regularly survey employees - both existing and recent separations?  What are the most important questions to ask and how can you assure that employees will be candid?  Should you use an outside source to survey employees?  What can you learn from a focus group of employees?  How can surveys do more harm than good? 

Many facilities believe they are competing against the local hamburger joint - is that really true?  What are the five elements of a successful recruitment plan?  Do referral and bonus plans work? How can you establish an ongoing plan for attracting employees in a positive way?  Some facilities have found success using peer interviews. How should this be established?  What are examples of successful posters, ads, and testimonials?

It is widely accepted that organizational structure and culture can transform "hired hands" into empowered caregivers.  How can CNA teams, flexible schedules, patient care assignments, case management structures and preceptors contribute to a more positive work environment?  What are strategies for weekend coverage?  How does an investment in supervisory training return large yields?  How can an "employee ombudsman" drastically reduce turnover?

The psychological paycheck is recognition.  Does your facility know how to structure a multi-faceted approach to rewarding employees?  How do aides get recognized for customer service? How can ordinary items like uniforms and pins motivate people?  What is the role of the local paper in recognizing employees (and also indirectly recruiting top-notch staff)?  How can employees be empowered to deal with the problem of staffing?

If you don't have the answers, we do!  Contact Ron Retzke at Retzke & Associates, Inc.

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